Examinations and Vaccinations

At All Creatures, we want your pet to be healthy just as much as you do. That’s why we screen to detect problems early as they arise. Many diseases that appear with age are chronic (long lasting) and hard to detect, often being present for many months or years before owners notice any suggestive signs.

Comprehensive Pet Wellness Exam

For some pets, surgery at some point in their lives is inevitable, whether it’s a spay/neuter procedure or orthopedic surgery. We know that just hearing the word “surgery” can cause some apprehension, but at All Creatures, it doesn’t have to. That’s because we rely on the most up-to-date anesthetics, equipment, and monitoring protocols available. Our pet surgical procedures and are committed to your pet’s health and safety.

Before Pet Surgery

Immunizations are a crucial part of your pet’s health care and for herd health. Some immunizations are recommended yearly while others are given every one to three years. Usually administered during an annual exam, we work with you to develop an individual vaccine protocol that best suits your pet’s needs.

Learn More About Examinations and Vaccinations

If you’d like to learn more about annual recommendations, or if you have questions about which vaccines your pet may require, feel free to contact us. We look forward to taking care of your pet’s healthcare needs!